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Vietnam oriental medicine integrated with the world – The World and Vietnam Report

16/02/2016 11:58:00 AM

Traditional Vietnamese medicine continues to assert the national medicine character towards the rest of the world. For a long time, many traditional generation pharmacies contributed to lay the foundation of this career all over Vietnam, especially regarding to Tho Xuan Duong pharmacy.


The World and Vietnam Report - 13th print issued from March 26th to January 1st

Vietnam oriental medicine integrated with the world – The World and

Contributing to bring the oriental medicine to become therapy cultures of Vietnamese

Herbal Doctor Phung Tuan Giang (manager of Tho Xuan Duong pharmacy), 16th generation descendant of Phung clan, not only inherited the family tradition of treating through four centuries ; but also glorified his lineage by contributing to improving oriental medicine diagnostic and treatment methods as a therapeutic culture of Vietnamese people.

As a descendant of the royal physicians in ancient court, inherited the valuable experience with the heart of a herbal doctor, Herbalist Phung Tuan Giang continued to obtain the knowledge of 30 domestic and foreign physician teachers, meanwhile acquiring the advanced achievements of modern medicine, combining the excellence of each type to create a typical identity for his family's medicine.

In the past, medical students said that "Close family and relatives rank first, others rank second", referring apprentice physician, first to treat yourself, your friends and your family, then can treat other patients in neighbors and international. As a faithful disciple of the traditional medicine, herbal doctor Phung Tuan Giang has cherished to give old Vietnamese traditional herbs value to international and gradually build, implement his dream by: Constructing Website, mass media, the system of consultants for foreigners, etc. However, according to the herbalist, more important thing is the practical result by recovering for patients from many countries, especially some difficult diseases they are suffering from and there is not any cure that makes them respect and trust to confide their health, lives to Tho Xuan Duong pharmacy. When being recovered and satisfied with the service, the reputation will be as "good wine needs no bush" for everyone to seek.

Thanks to the trust of patients and love of job along with enthusiasm love, Phung Tuan Giang’s reputation of "Skillful treatment" has appealed many patients to prescribe. Among them, there are many foreign patients traveled from Britain, France, Australia, etc. with the desire of curing many incurable diseases. So far, Tho Xuan Duong is proud of to be a handled down drugstore which has experience most of treatment for patients from many countries at most in traditional medicine with total of more than 100 countries worldwide.

Golden disk award of creative science

For effective treatment, in addition to using experience traditional diagnosis and treatment of pure oriental medicine, Tho Xuan Duong pharmacy combined traditional medicine diagnosis with the modern clinical diagnosis to diagnose and treat for patient, continuously study new remedies to successfully treat serious diseases.

For many years, Tho Xuan Duong has been consciously collecting valued medicinal plants in Vietnam and the world. Currently, the Pharmacy owns hundreds of drugs in the world including two Ngoc Linh heaviest and oldest Ginsengs of Vietnam. In the past, someone paid about ten billions for those two Ginsengs but the boss of the pharmacy certainly did not sell and then just using for curing purpose. Through many researchs, Herbalist Phung Tuan Giang also discovered a mushroom named Phuc Linh Thien weighs 2,2kg that is a very precious fungus growing on top of the ancient tree in the Hoang Lien Son, it just appears each thousand years fertilizing many gas components so as a pharmaceutical method to treat incurable diseases.

With the above factors, Tho Xuan Duong is honor to be awarded Gold Disk award of creative science from World Creative Science Academy (WCSA).

World record

The dedication for the career of medical research of Herbalist Phung Tuan Giang, with achievements in the development of Vietnam medicine was initially recognized world. Tho Xuan Duong is recorded to the Asian record of traditional medicine Pharmacy to treat many patients from the most countries. Personally Herbalist Phung Tuan Giang was recorded as a recorder who has many contributions to the community, was awarded Certificate and gold disks of intellectual and creativity by WCSA. At the same time, after years of research, study and effort, the protected working of Herbalist Phung Tuan Giang with the theme: Oldest Oriental Medicine Pharmacies, and treat many patients from many countries certified by World Record University (WRU) and issued Ph.D Degree.

Vietnam oriental medicine integrated with the world – The World and

Tho Xuan Duong is proud of be a traditional medicine drugstore to treat for patients from many countries in Vietnam oriental medicine

This is a tremendous honor of Phung clan in particular and Vietnam traditional herbal medicine in general. We are proud of the valuable remedies formulated from natural gas sources of Vietnam resources, not only yielding health to our people, but also curing many hopeless patients over the world, receiving trust, admiration and respect, contributing to the way of improving the community healthcare.

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