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Home treatment service

16/12/2015 11:15:52 AM

Tho Xuan Duong High-qualified Therapy Center specializes in Vietnamese traditional medicine with a team of skilled doctors, physician, technician as well as modern medical machinery and specific therapies supported by valuable medicine.


Tho Xuan Duong High-qualified Therapy Center specializes in Vietnamese traditional medicine with a team of skilled doctors, physician, technician as well as modern medical machinery and specific therapies supported by valuable medicine. With the motto of treating patients as beloved relatives, giving them the fastest recovery time and the most reasonable service charge, the Therapy Center has consulted, diagnosed and treated over 100,000 patients from more than 90 nations worldwide. Noone has ever disatisfied with the service, professionalism and working attitude here.

At the center, we provide home treatment service for people who:
- do not have time going to hospital or not want to.
- are elderly people with walking difficulties, or patients with restricted movement.
- require care and treatment with high responsibility.

And for diseases as following:
- cancer of patients who are in need of acupuncture, acupressure, massage, healing and pain relief.
- after-effect of paralysis, reduced mobility in stroke, trauma, postoperative sequelae or plastic surgery, polio, muscular dystrophy, etc.
- inflammation, pain and degradation, swelling, edema, effusions, stiff joints, sciatica, cervical herniated disc, lumbar herniated disc …
- muscle pain, nerve pain and varicose vein.
- asthma and esophageal spasm in need of acupuncture.
- cerebral palsy, brain tumors, epilepsy, autism, depression, mental retardation ...
We also practice acupuncture, acupressure or massage for better sleep, beautiful skin, detoxification, fat reduction and meridian treatment.

Contact us at 190054.55.57 or 0943.986.986 to register our home treatment service for you and your family.


• Patient relative has to directly go to Tho Xuan Duong Clinic to register for home service, providing information and arranging time for the best treatment.

• Implement the regulations of the clinic and fully pay care and treatment fee.

• Patient and relatives needs to respect doctors during the treatment process and cooperate actively for the highest efficiency. Doctors can refuse to heal if offended.

• To assess thoroughly and choose the most effective treatment regimen, each session has one treatment form. Patient and relatives should comment the quality and attitude of the therapist as well as the course of disease so that experts can timely adjust treatment therapy and transmit the information through the clinic hotline.

• Patient can request for changing doctors, nurses or technicians in case of dissatisfying with their expertise and enthusiasm. However, there should be only one therapist for each therapy from the beginning to the end to yield the most efficiency.

• Doctors, herbalists and technicians are not allowed to receive any extra remuneration apart from listed fee (only “receive money in honor and pure-mindedness”) and arbitrarily treat without clinic request and assignment.

• For patients of over 10-kilometer distance, patient and relatives should arrange transportation for therapists. If not, incurred travel expenses have to be paid.

Medical examination cost:
- 500,000VND for the first patient, 250,000VND for the next one (total time does not exceed 2 hours). If the distance is too far, the cost is 200,000VND- 250,000VND per hour depending on location and working hours. 20% of total cost will be incurred if treatment time is not during working hours.

- Treatment cost, depending on disease condition, consumable supplies and medicines, is 200,000-300,000VND/ hour and extra 20% for outside working hours.
- For patients of over 10 km distance, additional fee is 10,000VND/km.

With modern machinary (like meridian machine, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor) and oriental diagnosis (look, touch, feel the pulse,...), our skilled and experienced doctors and herbalist can accurately diagnose disease in only 10-15 minutes. If blood sample test is required, the result will be given later.

After thorough medical examination, all information is sent to Tho Xuan Duong. If patients want to take drugs, herbalist Giang Phung Tuan directly writes our prescriptions and plans appropriate treatment. Other therapists will strictly follow the medication order.

You can be complete assured of our home medical procedures and treatment. We surely do our best according to the conscience and liability of physicians.

Wish you a fast recovery and good health!
Herbalist : Giang Phung Tuan

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