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Dan Tri Newswire - Vietnamese herb doctor treating patients from most countries is conferred the Asia record.

02/02/2016 10:06:25 AM

It is statistically proved that nearly ten thousand patients abroad in 102 countries came to Tho Xuan Duong to find a proper healthcare treatment. This figure has been recognized internationally and honored with Asia record – handed down drugstore treating patients from most countries.

Vietnamese Herb Doctor treating patients from most countries is conferred the honorary doctoral degree - Asia record

Vietnamese herb doctor treating patients from most countries is conferred the Asia record

The World creativity science Academy confers on record holder Mr Giang Phung Tuan the Certificate and Golden disc on his Creativity and Intellection

Reaching 4 centuries of life-saving intervention
Tho Xuan Duong drugstore is known as a healthcare provider address which maintain a 400- year-old longstanding tradition in Vietnam with16 uninterrupted generations and 3 court physicians. Herb doctor Giang Phung Tuan (Tho Xuan Duong’s manager), 16th descendant of Phung’s family has not only inherited a 4-year family tradition of disease treating and life saving but also brought honors to his family by upgrading diagnostic method of Vietnamese medicine treatment to therapeutic culture of Vietnamese peoples.

According to family’s histories, the medicine profession of Tho Xuan Duong was commenced originally by Mr Duong Phung Van in Post-Le’s Dynasty (1533-1788). He worked for medicine at Te Sinh Duong, a medical Institute of the court under Le’s dynasty. His son is herbalist Dong Phung Van (1713 - 1783). He assumed a position as a herb doctor serving in the army, and was promoted to inferior doctoral cum royal physician at medical Institute by Le dynasty’s King. Mr Con Phung Van, coming after his grandfather and father, also served in military medical corps and was ordained to inferior doctoral position. In 1781, he was appointed to royal medical Institute. Then, in 1782, he held the post of Deputy royal physician. Thus, three generations of Phung’s family all embraced talented people getting involved in royal physicians’ positions with highest ranks (the highest rank out of nine reputation ranks under reigns).

In particular, under Quang Trung King’s dynasty (1788-1792), due to the active curing participation in a speedy campaign decimating 2000 Thanh troops in 1789 and great services rendered to the country, Mr Con Phung Van was nominated to “Glorious tycoon” by Quang Trung King and was conferred a golden coin with 4 words enclosed “Highest rank in ongoing dynasty”. This golden coin is being preserved and become treasures of Phung’s dynasty along with the medicinal tradition of Tho Xuan Duong,

Tho Xuan Duong Drugstore was established before 1945 by herb doctor Hau Phung Duc, the former President of Thuong Tin Medical Council (the 14th offspring of herb doctor Duong Phung Van). Herb doctor Giang Phung Tuan, the incumbent proprietor of Tho Xuan Duong drugstore, Mr Hau Phung Duc’s grandson, has been trained methodically about family’s traditional medical profession since he was a small child. Due to the passion for work, learning fondness in company with the comprehensive training at Vietnam University of Traditional Medicine, herb doctor Giang Phung Tuan takes this opportunity not only to enhance his qualification and prepare knowledge systematically to came after and promote Vietnamese and oriental traditional medicine of the family, but also to supplement necessary knowledge of Western medicine and apply modern equipments for diagnosis and makeup for an effective treatment of serious diseases.

Currently, it is believed that very few families could remain traditional medicine completely as Tho Xuan Duong did. As a result, a record for the title “Tho Xuan Duong - handed down drugstore to the most number of Generations in Vietnam aged nearly 400 years old” was given to the drugstore by Vietnam book center of records.

Thousands of patients from over 100 countries

As a faithful disciple of nation’s medicine industry, herb doctor Giang Phung Tuan has always harbored his great ambition of spreading Vietnamese traditional medicine internationally and gradually implements his own dream on website construction through mass media and system establishment of expert consulters for foreigners…. “However, more importantly, the actual results of patients’ recovery in other countries, especially with some serious diseases that they are suffering from, the respect and trust that patients spend us are mainly the decisive principles that we are looking forward. Once successful treatment and satisfaction with the service value is perceived, it is obviously to understand that good wine needs no bush, the drugstore will be recommended widely and optionally from person to person" said herb doctor Giang Phung Tuan.

For the purpose of an effective treatment, in addition to handed-down experience in pure Vietnamese medicine’s diagnosis and treatment, Tho Xuan Duong drugstore has applied flexibly the combination of traditional medicine’s diagnosis and modern medical instruments in diagnostic, examination and treatment in company with constant medicine dosage’s researches and new remedies for successful treatment of serious diseases.

Tho Xuan Duong has been consciously collecting and preserving medicinal plant treasures in Vietnam and in the world for ages. Currently, Tho Xuan Duong owns hundreds of valuable drug plants in the world which includes two Vietnamese heaviest Ngoc Linh ginsengs and a Vietnamese most long-standing ginseng. These two particular ginsengs have ever been paid at a price of tens of billions dong but the manager of Tho Xuan Duong decided to keep it for the aim of treating disease and life -saving. After a long while of hard-working and constant surveys and researches, herb doctor Giang eventually found out a mushroom weighed 2.2 kilos named Phuc Linh Thien which is an extremely precious fungus growing on the top of an ancient tree at Hoang Lien Son mountain chain. This kind of mushroom is absorbed spirituality air from heaven and earth and only grows once a thousand of years so that it is considered as a powerful pharmaceutical medicine to treat incurable diseases.
Besides, Tho Xuan Duong has been focusing on planting fresh material zones of Vietnamese medicine for an effective control of drug’s quality with reasonable prices and accordingly honoring Vietnamese medicinal materials actively. Herb doctor Giang Phung Tuan said that Tho Xuan Duong has examined and treated medically not only at home but also abroad (directly or via courier) in 102 countries, including France, UK, China, USA ....

Giang Phung Tuan Herbalist has made significant contribution to the upgrading of diagnostic method with Vietnamese medicine treatment into therapeutic culture of Vietnamese peoples. "In spite of treatment with Vietnamese medicine and turning it into pure Vietnamese culture, we still have been keeping researching and exploring new medicines and new methods in order to bring patients the most effective treatment", he said.

The dedications of the drugstore to medication researches in common with great achievements reached in the development of Vietnamese medical industry have been initially recognized worldwide. Tho Xuan Duong is listed in Asia Record as the handed down drugstore treated patients from most countries. Additionally, herb doctor Giang Phung Tuan is honored as a record holder who made great contribution to the community. The world creativity science Academy confers on him a certificate and a golden disc on intellection and creativity. At the same time, after years of researching and making all effort, Giang Phung Tuan Herbalist finally succeeded in his protection work theme. He was presented the honorary degree of doctorate in record breaking for “Drugstore- handed down to most number of Generations in Vietnam and treated patients from most countries in the world” by the World Record University.

Nowadays, there have been more and more foreigners coming to Vietnam for healthcare treatment, more specifically, around 100,000 foreigners per year regarding to given statistics. Frankly, we believe strongly that they have put all their faith in the qualifications of medical staff including nurses, doctors and physicians in our country. Furthermore, the improvement in infrastructure and medical instruments are accordingly remarkable elements leading to this positive outcome. The cost of medical examination and treatment in Vietnam is also often much lower than in some other countries in the world.

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